Bamboo Flooring

Get the traditional look of a hardwood floor, but with a twist. Bamboo floors are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and tough. This wood is rated harder than red oak. Bamboo is a cutting-edge trend that’s also here to stay, and it comes in a range of colors and styles.

Colors & Styles Available:

  • Chama
  • Harvest
  • Heritage
  • Keystone
  • Sheephorn
  • Sommerset

Wine Barrel Flooring

Handcrafted from reclaimed wine barrels, the Cooperage Reclaimed Wine Barrel flooring is made from the outside of retired wine barrels – showcasing all the patina, Cooper’s stamps, and winery markings of the original estates. The sumptuous history and authenticity of this special material makes it the flooring of choice for wine aficionados everywhere, and a favorite for upscale wine cellars and wine rooms across the country.

This material is used for more than just reclaimed flooring. Consider our Cooperage Oak Wine Barrel material for shelving, tabletops, counters, wall paneling, ceiling tiles, and feature walls.

These planks display the outside of the barrel. If you’re looking for planks made from the inside of the barrel “wine soaked”.

All floors includes satin finish (water-based polyurethane). No stain is added; the images show the natural color variation between planks which is a desired attribute; where there is stark variation between the depth of color in the images it is simply due to the lighting when the photos were taken. No two planks are the same and no effort is made to ‘match’ color tones as this defeats the purpose of the finished look.

We cannot control the quantity or clarity of the Cooper’s marks. Expect identifiable markings on approximately 5% of material.

Lead time is 6-8 weeks unless otherwise quoted

Cork Flooring

We are proud to offer cork flooring—one of the hottest trends in floor covering. Cork is made from the waste of cork wine-stoppers and is therefore a recycled product. It is also sustainable, because cork is harvested from the cork oak tree, which is replanted. And we’re not talking boring beige corkboards. Today’s floors have a variety of custom designs and vivid colors to suit every need and taste. In addition to its durability, cork produces a cushioned feel and sound reduction, and it’s easy to install.

Cork consists of a tight web of up to 40 million cells per cubic centimeter. The cell membranes retain gas, giving cork its capacity to float, insulate and re-expand quickly after compression.

Cork is natural, recyclable and biodegradable. No natural or man-made material replicates its properties.

Cork retains unique qualities of flexibility, elasticity and compressibility. Its extreme resilience, impermeability, lightness and insulating efficiency make it ideal for many flooring applications. Cork is hypoallergenic and mildew, moisture, dust, and pollen resistant.

Cork is an excellent choice for a wine cellar because it is flexible, water-resistant, soft and warm.