Vintage View Racks

W Series Wine Racks

“Buy with Confidence Lifetime Warranty”

Constructed of high-quality steel with powder coated or plated finishes, the wine racks are durable, easy to install, and great for both residential and commercial applications. The wall-mounted displays are a conversation starter and show off any number of wine bottles in modern, stylish fashion. The Wall Series provides a customizable solution to achieve any height or bottle capacity needed. The wall series may be cut, allowing multiple configurations for any wine room project. CAD design service is available, we are here to help you create the perfect cellar.

After all good wine deserves to be in the spotlight!

The Wall Series comes in 1, 2 or 3 bottles deep

Add a Presentation Row

A popular addition to any Wall Series installation, the Presentation Row showcases a unique label-forward approach, resting the bottom of the bottle first. The Presentation Rack sits nicely on top or in the middle of columns of Wall Series label-forward wine racks.


  • Golden Bronze
  • Gunmetal
  • Matte Black
  • Brushed Nickle
  • Chrome

W-Series Accessories

Double Deep W-Series Shelf

Metal Stemware Rack in Matte Black

W Series Perch 1-Bottle Vertical Metal Wine Rack

W-Series Neck & Base Advantages

1. Perfect angle for aging wine.
2. Neck and base offer more security
3. Off set rods add designer look
4. Backed by lifetime guarantee.
5. Best choice for label forward and modern wine racking.

W Series One-Sided Floating Wine Rack

Lifetime Warranty

Chrome Finish

Black Finish

Brushed Nickle

New Finishes


Gun Metal Finish

W Series – Floor to Ceiling Mount Frames

Perfect choice for glass enclosures and tiled, stone, and mirrored walls.

Nothing is impossible!

Our metal wine rack systems come in a variety of finishes: brushed aluminum, chrome, black. We carry wall mount systems and floor to ceiling mount systems. Let us know how you would like to view your wine, labels forward or neck out and we will find a wine racking system that will work for your specific needs.

Floor to Ceiling Mount Frame with W series rack.

Chrome Frame

Brushed Nickel Frame

Black Finish Frame

W Series Two-Sided Floating Wine Rack Using Ceiling to Floor Mounted Frame

Vino Pins

Vino pins are a definite choice to modern design, allowing for infinite configurations or feature display in large or small wine cellar projects. This is the only wine peg system that can install direct into a finished wall surface, even drywall.
Wine racking for the longest time has hidden the bottle’s best asset: its label.
Winemakers pour their hearts and souls into their bottles, often agonizing over a label that reflects their art. We then fall in love with our favorite selections, with the labels representing travel, experiences, food, family, friends and more.
The label-forward wine rack has modernized wine storage by making the wine cellar highlighted in home. This is accomplished with a simple, clean design that lets the labels do all the work.
Perhaps most of all, people who understand great wine and aesthetics appreciate the label forward system that allow you to display and admire your collection.
Welcome to the latest in modern and contemporary wine storage design.

Vino Pins are available in 1, 2 and 3 bottle deep configurations.


Finishes available:

Matte Black
Golden Bronze

Gloss Black

Milled Aluminum
Clear Acrylic