10 Savory Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a famously candy-forward holiday, bolstered by boxes of chocolate and conversation hearts with cheeky messages like “kiss me.” However, if your significant other doesn’t have a sweet tooth or you’re sick of hearts-shaped everything, know that there are plenty of savory gifts available, too. Olympia Provisions makes a salami bouquet (more on that in a minute); you can also buy a decked out Bloody Mary kit, too. Read on to find out where to buy them.

Bloody Mary Kit

This kit includes two different kinds of Bloody Mary mixes—regular and Cucumber Dill—along with mild pickled asparagus, lemon twist olives, and pickled crunchy carrots for fixings.  Bloody Mary Gift, $50 at stonewallkitchen.com 

Cheese-Lover’s Gift Box

This gift box has essentially everything you need for a good cheese board. There’s cheddar cheese and triple cream, along with two different kinds of crackers—plus, spiced candied walnuts and dried fig jam for serving.  Mouth Cheesy Gift Box, $82 at mouth.com

 Salami Bouquet

Why get a bouquet of roses when you can get a bouquet made of salami? (Yes, salami.) Olympia Provisions’ six-stem “bouquet” includes the following European-style salami—Cacciatore, Chorizo Rioja, Loukanika, Saucisson Sec, Salami Nola, and Saucisson D’Alsace. Give it as a gift on its own or with other charcuterie items.  Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet, $95 at amazon.com 

Pesto Tasting Gift Set

For pesto lovers, it doesn’t get much better than this set, which includes 12—12!—different pestos from Bella Cucina. Beyond the classic basil flavor, there’s also olive, porcini and parmesan, walnut sage, mint and pistachio, and more. Each jar is six ounces, so your loved ones will have a steady supply of pesto for months.  Essential Pesto Tasting Gift Set, $210 at food52.com 

Truffle-Lover’s Hamper

Regalis Foods provides truffles and truffle products to Michelin-starred restaurants—this gift basket allows you to enjoy some of them at home. It includes white truffle oil, black truffle oil, black truffle salt, black truffle popcorn, black truffle honeycomb, a truffle in a jar, and a truffle shaver.Truffle Lovers Hamper, $200 (was $300) at williams-sonoma.com

Jerky Gift Box

In a similar vein to the salami bouquet, this gift box is all about meat—plus, some fish, too, in the form of teriyaki king salmon jerky. The Big Jerk, $60 at mouth.com

Hot Honey

We also love Mike’s Hot Honey because it’s a put-on-anything condiment, from pizza to cheese. It would make a lovely addition to a larger themed condiment set or gift basket.  Mike’s Hot Honey, 12-ounce Squeeze Bottle, $8 at amazon.com

Infused Salt

Jacobsen Salt Co. is a chef favorite, and in this sampler, you’ll find 12 different varieties, ranging from pinot noir to rosemary.  Jacobsen Salt Co. Infused 12 Vial Set, $50 at williams-sonoma.com

Mixed Nuts

This gift box is perfect for avid snackers, packed with roasted in-shell pistachios, salted pecans, honey-roasted cashes, and more.  Deluxe Mixed Nuts Gift Tin, $50 at harryanddavid.com

Bushwick Kitchen’s Three Knees Spicy Gift Set

We love Bushwick Kitchen’s condiments, and this set includes three—spicy honey, gochujang sriracha, and spicy maple.  Bushwick Kitchen Threes Knees Spicy Gift Set, $45 at bloomingdales.com