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A wine cellar door is much more than an entryway; it reflects the character of the wine cellar. Our beautiful selection of high-quality handcrafted doors & enclosures come in several distinct styles to match the look of your home and wine cellar.

Custom Wood Doors

We offer custom and standard sizes, creating a stunning entrance to your wine cellar and at the same time enhancing the beauty of your home, while keeping your prized collection protected and properly showcased. We offer custom and standard sizes.

Our wine cellar wood doors include: 7 different moldings to choose from, interior & exterior case molding, stain and lacquer finish, dual pane tempered glass, automatic door bottom, operable iron, weather stripping and several wood choices to choose from.

We offer distressing to make the door appear even older. Hardware accents like strap hinges and clavos add to the illusion that the door is ancient. Also, in our collection of styles you will find castle type entries and small intimate cottage doors like our popular speakeasy door.

a view of an open doorway to a floor-to-ceiling wine cellar

When it comes to doors we are not limited to any style, we can transform any idea into reality!

Explore Your Options With an Expert!

Creating a Wine Cellar in your home can be an exciting experience!

From the visionary design concept through an exceptional finishing process. Adding an Iron Door is always the first choice. We will create a completely customized wine cellar that will compliment your style and taste.

Iron Doors

Certified Wine Cellars offers a wide variety of iron door design options in both commercial and residential settings. We work with each client, catering to their specific needs to create a unique and elegant, iron door or enclosure solution. Our designs are tailor made to the client’s specifications. We use only the highest quality materials and skilled artisans to create works of art that will last you a lifetime.