Building an Exceptional Wine Cellar

Combining your love for design and wine can be both a hard and demanding task that puts a strain on available space and budgets. For most homeowners, a dedicated wine cellar seems like a distant dream because they simply cannot afford to give up that kind of space in an already modest home. But with a hint of creativity, some help from ingenious architects, and an out-of-the-box design, almost anyone can proudly store and display their intoxicating wine collection. Today, we turn to the space under the staircase, as it plays host to some of the best wine storage units.

Many of the understairs wine storage units on display today probably serve better as a lovely wine display that would also house some of your less expensive wine. A combination of the perfect wine cooler for the pricey, high-end wine coupled with some open cabinets under the staircase that create a lovely display offers the best of both worlds.

Please do not write off the understairs wine cellar all too quickly, as some of the contemporary delights offer top-notch protection from heat and light while making sure that the custom-craft glass walls create an elegant, curated visual. While some sacrifice perfect storage conditions for aesthetics, others try to find the elusive balance between both form and function!

So, is it possible to build that ideal, temperature-controlled wine cellar under the staircase to tuck away your cherished wine collection? Absolutely, as the stunning wine cellar and all-glass unit under the staircase showcase your collection. Explore beyond the modern designs for an inspiring wine cellar that not only adds texture, style, and intrigue to your home but also makes the most of the awkward nooks under the staircase. A rustic, old-world-inspired cellar or a quirky industrial wine storage unit might make better use of the space than a more rigid, contemporary alternative.

We are a turn-key full-service company, or if you already have a contractor, we will partner with you to provide guidance on the entire build; we also have the expertise to do heat-load calculations to size the correct unit for the space. We provide CAD service so you can lay out all the materials needed for the build. Call or email us today to tell us about your project goals.