Designing Wine Cellars for No- and Low-Alcohol Wine Collections

The rise of health-conscious lifestyles is leading to an increased demand for no- and low-alcohol wines. This trend is changing wine cellars, especially in regions like Austin and San Antonio where the wine culture is developed, yet still evolving. Here’s how you can adapt your wine cellar design to cater to no- and low-alcohol wines.

Optimal Storage Conditions

Keep them cool. We’re talking about cellar temperature – around 55°F is ideal. Fluctuating temperatures can ruin the delicate flavors of your wines. Find a corner of your cellar farthest from the furnace to keep your zero proofers happy. In general, aim for a slightly cooler and more stable temperature range, and maintain humidity levels to prevent cork drying without promoting mold growth.

Lighting and Display

Let there be (soft) light. Harsh lighting doesn’t just hurt your head after one too many glasses of red – it can ruin your wine over time. Install some minimal, indirect LEDs to keep things visible but gentle on your growing no- and low-ABV collection.

And show off those labels! Half the fun of trying new mocktail wines is checking out the creative bottle designs! Clear some shelf space near the tasting area to highlight some of your more eclectic bottles. It’s a great conversation starter for guests.

Modular Shelving and Accessibility

Make them easy to reach. If it’s a hassle to grab the zero proof options, they won’t get much use! One option is to rearrange some wine racks or shelves so your lower alcohol wines are front and center for tastings.

Don’t forget to carve out a tasting zone. To highlight the food-pairing potential of no- and low-ABV pours, set up a small table and some bar stools near your mocktail wine shelves. It’s the perfect spot to experiment with pairings and educate your inner circle about the growing low- and no-alcohol trend.

Tech Upgrades & Eco-Tips

The future is here – get smart with your wine cellar. Why not introduce a gadget that lets you adjust temperature and humidity straight from your smartphone? Ideal for keeping those no- and low-alcohol vinos just right.

Additionally, there’s the opportunity to think green – consider some solar panels or opting for recycled materials to build out your space. It’s all about making your cellar as health-conscious as the wines you’re storing.


Embracing the no- and low-alcohol wine trend in your cellar design isn’t just about following the latest fad – rather, you’re evolving with the wine world. By incorporating smart storage solutions, eye-catching displays, and the latest tech features, you’re creating a space that’s a direct nod to the future of wine culture. Cheers to bringing this modern twist to wine cellars right into the heart of Texas, from Austin to San Antonio!