Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

1. Vinely Wine Club

Vinely Wine Club is a monthly subscription that delivers local, family-owned California wineries directly to your door each month! It’s a great way to support local winemakers and discover new wineries in your area (for California residents only at this time). 

2. Wine Suit

Wine Suit helps keep your wine safe in transport! Whether you’re taking wine home for holiday dinner, giving it as a gift, or spending your vacation traversing around wine country, these cute bubble wrap packages will keep your wine safe and stylish in your luggage until you get to wherever your destination may be. I use these all the time when I go on wine trips and want to bring a bottle (or four) home in my suitcase!

3. Reference Book

Find Your Wine is a cute little book that is a perfect stocking stuffer and easy to keep on hand for easy reference. It’s a quick read but oh-so informative!

4. Coravin Model II

The Coravin Model II is my all-time favorite wine tool. I use it all. the. frickin. time. I’m beyond obsessed and recommend it to everyone I know. I personally have the Model II Elite in pink, but if you’re looking for a price-to-functionality ratio, just go with the regular Model II. I can speak personally to the difference this makes after upgrading from the Model I. It’s a true necessity as a wine blogger and also as the only wine-drinker in my household. 

5. Champagne Mix Kit

The Champagne Mix Kit is a cute little kit that makes any flight feel luxurious! The perfect size to slide into your carry-on, it comes with everything you need to make a delicious champagne-based cocktail. Just order yourself a glass of something bubbly and mix away! I’m personally a huge fan of using plane rides as “me time,” so this adds to the sky-high fun.

6. The Sip Society

The Sip Society is perfect for the Champagne lover in your life. This monthly subscription comes with two single-serving bottles of luxury sparkling wine such as Moet, Mumm, or Vueve Cliquot. The packaging is perfectly gift-worthy and includes an at-home tasting guide to walk you through the tasting notes.

7. Cheese Grotto

Female cheesemonger Jessica Sennett created the Cheese Grotto to help keep your cheese fresh longer. It stores your cheese in the perfect temperature and humidity to keep it tasty and fresh longer than traditional methods. Beyond just being simply effective, Jessica also hopes its beautiful design will feel inspirational and bring the romance of cheese-making home. All of the Cheese Grotto products are crafted and produced in the United States and are eco-friendly.

8. Probably Wine Mug

At just $14.99, the Probably Wine Mug is a cute little mug that’s perfect as a gift add-on or stocking stuffer. It’s absolutely adorable and crafted of high-quality enamel-coated cold-rolled steel. I’ve already slipped some wine into this. 😉 

9. Big Betty Wine Glass

The Big Betty Wine Glass is a wine glass that holds an entire bottle of wine. Yup. You read that right. An entire bottle of wine. The best part is it looks about the same size as some of my regular red wine glasses, so you could easily pour yourself a nice big glug to help you through the holidays with your family. You’re welcome. It’s also perfect as a white elephant gift, gag gift, or for the more fun-loving wino in your life. Also, be sure to check out their Pinot Protectors for a perfect humorous stocking stuffer. 

10. Blendtique Wine

This is a one-of-a-kind gift! Blendtique allows you to craft your own custom wine blend at home, the perfect gift for the future winemaker in your life or a fun activity for friends & family. I highly recommend the Blendtigue Wooden Kit, which comes in a beautiful wooden crate, contains four single-varietal wines and comes with everything you need to get blending. 

11. Moonstruck Wine-Infused Chocolates

Moonstruck Wine-Infused Chocolates are hand-crafted chocolates that are produced in Portland, Oregon, and are infused with four different varietals from Willamette Valley (Stoller Chardonnay, Sokol Blosser Rose, Erath Pinot Noir, and Montinore Gewurztraminer). They’re absolutely delicious!

12. Custom-Designed Wine Cellar

If you’re anything like me, then wine just seems to multiply. I was quickly running out of storage space, but Certified Wine Cellars saved me!  With custom designs to fit your space, they’ll save your sanity and your wine!

13. ReWined Candles

I’ve been obsessed with ReWined Candles for years. If you remember, last year, they also made an appearance in my gift guide, and I just had to bring them back again! They’re just too good. I’m now an ambassador for the brand and couldn’t be more excited about this partnership. With numerous wine-inspired scents and premium natural soy wax, you couldn’t ask for a better candle. They’re also all hand-crafted in the U.S., and many use repurposed wine bottles. I burn the Chardonnay Candle regularly but switch to Wine Under the Tree during the holidays. 

14. Luxury Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener

This luxury rabbit bottle opener makes popping open your favorite bottle an absolute breeze! While I usually stick to my waiter’s corkscrew, sometimes during the winter months, my hands get too cold/stiff to operate it (while I may only be 26, my joints think I’m much, much older). For anyone else who suffers from arthritis or just doesn’t want to finagle with a complicated tool, this wine opener is the perfect option! Packed in a beautiful black gift box and paired with a foil cutter and 2 vacuum stoppers, this is a beautiful luxurious, and high-quality set.