Glass Enclosures

Today’s wine cellar consumers are gravitating toward glass enclosures. Some cellars may have a traditional overall design with lots of wood but a glass door to showcase the wine to give it a “storefront look” with a modern appeal. About 80 percent of the wine cellars we do now have glass enclosures.  

Incorporating glass into wine cellar designs also brings flexibility with where a wine cellar can be built in the home. Today’s cellars don’t require a dedicated room. You’ll find them in a hallway, along a wall (called a “wine wall”), and in closet spaces, entryways, home offices, and bathrooms, you name it. Many will often still have wood as a backdrop and on the floor. Our team consults with the client extensively to understand the type of wine collector they are while discussing the home for the best location, merging both the homeowner’s desires and the construction/design realities.  

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