Wine Rack Trends

Whether it’s cabinet colors, wall colors, counter-top materials, or floors, there are always new trends that sweep the world of design.
But there is one trend that is sometimes overlooked –hardware trends.

Cabinet handles, faucets, knobs, and pulls all play an important role in designing your wine cellar. Designers need to make sure hardware finishes and colors create a beautiful contrast against other trending materials.

Gold: Gold hardware, faucets and light fixtures are all the hype in contemporary design and will continue into 2020. They are very trendy and are used for both dark and white cabinetry. They offer a beautiful contrast on dark surfaces and add a touch of luxury to any wine cellar design. Most wine cellar designers are now offering gold tone metal racking to enhance the build.

Copper: Copper has been a favorite of interior designers for some time and this trend will continue throughout 2020, and it can be used for cabinet hardware, light fixtures and drawer handles.