How Are Wood & Metal Wine Racks Different?

Many wine enthusiasts are building custom cellars or other organizational units to house their growing collections. Along with adding value to a home, wine cellars or rooms provide an aesthetically pleasing way to showcase, preserve, and protect a wine collection.

In fact, wine cellars are becoming an increasingly in-demand amenity for home buyers. According to, wine cellars and wine rooms are catching up to media rooms as a must-have for many buyers, particularly in the luxury market.

If you’re a wine lover and collector interested in creating either a cellar or storage unit for your wines, a few key considerations need to be made:

Location of the wine racking system

Where will your wine rack be placed? The ideal location for your wine racking system is a temperature and humidity controlled area, often the coolest part of your home such as a basement. Custom wine cellars or rooms are typically made in locations far from sunlight and vibration, factors which could affect the properties of your wine.

Capacity of the wine racking system

Once you’ve selected the location of your designated room or organizational structure, think about how much wine you’ll need to store. How much wine you currently have, and how often you plan on adding more bottles will determine the size of the wine rack you will need. Also remember that some bottles like magnums or certain champagnes are typically larger and may not fit in the standard openings of many wine racks.

Metal versus wood wine racks: A few things to consider

After you’ve landed on the location and capacity of your wine racking system, the next big thing to think about is what type of rack should be used. Wine rack systems are typically made from wood or metal, but what is the ideal choice for you?

From organization to convenience, both options offer several advantages for wine collectors. Neither material is inherently better than the other and have little to no impact on the quality or taste of wine, so it’s really up to personal preferences and a few other factors.

We’ve broken down the biggest differences between metal and wood wine racks below.

Get to know metal wine racking systems

Metal wine racks are a beautiful, sleek option for those that prefer a more modern and  contemporary look. Metals such as stainless steel, zinc, or bronze are widely used materials for metal wine racking systems, and are typically regarded as a more versatile looking option. They also provide maximum visibility for wine collections.

From a functionality standpoint, metal wine racks are more ideal for smaller, enclosed spaces, such as a closet or cupboard. Because metal racks are more narrow they take up less room, making it ideal for wine lovers with more limited space.
Metal wine racks are also easier to construct, hang, or reassemble, which makes it less complicated to move around to make a complete wine room or cellar.

All about wooden wine racking systems

Wood wine racks are a popular choice for those who prefer a more traditional aesthetic. It is also a versatile design option because the wood can be stained to match the surrounding furniture and décor.

Because they tend to be sturdier and more stable, many experts consider wooden wine racks to be a better long-term solution than their metal counterparts. This is why you’ll often find wooden wine rack systems in most commercial locations such as bars and restaurants.

Additionally, if you have or plan on acquiring large volumes of wine, a wooden wine rack tends to be a better choice than metal, as they can hold larger quantities of wine.

What’s the best option for your wine cellar?

Depending on your design preferences, how much space you have, and the quantity of wine you need to store, metal and wood wine racking systems each provide wonderful options to store and grow your collection.

The beauty of both metal and wood is that they can be customized to suit your needs and taste.

Here at Certified Wine Cellars, we work closely with our clients to determine their goals and then create beautiful designs and creative wine cellar innovations. With nearly three decades of experience in custom wine cellar storage, we pride ourselves on the innovative and showstopping solutions and ideas brought to life in homes throughout the Northeast.

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