In Home Wine Cellars

Today’s homeowners want to receive the best value out of their homes. This is true in various ways they have chosen to invest and how they choose to decorate them. It’s no longer good enough for builders to offer a “one size fits all” model of anything.

It’s no surprise that builders are looking for ways to differentiate their properties, and that is why they are offering wine cellars in their designs. This should prompt you to ask some questions when determining whether a wine cellar, wine cabinet, or wine wall is the best option for you.

Given the growing interest in wine and wine collecting, it has become very important that customers have choices by providing them with the ability to display their wine collection in a way that is customized to their specific design needs.

Ask yourself,

  • where in the home do I want my wine to be stored?
  • what type of aesthetics appeals to me?
  • how do I use my wine, and is my collection made up of bulk or special individual bottles?
  • Will I add a cooling unit to the room?

Options can be a bit overwhelming; the best advice is to seek out an expert in wine cellar construction. This is a good starting point.

The appeal of having a custom wine rack speaks for itself. It can beautifully showcase some or all of your wine collection with the ability to hold a number of bottles in various sizes. Custom wine racking meets the needs of even the boldest wine collectors.

It’s ok to expect more. After all, you’ve invested a lot into your home and deserve to have the very best. If you are ready to talk with a wine cellar expert, feel free to reach out to us and tell us about your project.