There is Still Enough Room For The Best Vegan Food in Austin

Why is it that when you put forth the effort to make life interesting, it’s assumed that your creature comforts have to fall by the wayside? We’ve already had to deal with the fact that any paleo restaurant in Austin, TX plays host to get dismissed as a gym-hipster fad, but A: No, and B: Go be boring somewhere else.

Are you aware that we’ve evolved beyond the microwave veggie burger, Austin ultra-basics? We hope so, otherwise, it’s back to square one with these square meals, but we digress. This post isn’t for them. It’s for you. It’s for everyone that steps up to grab every unique opportunity this city has to offer. The paddle boarding storm chasers, the vampire ballers, the hikers, bikers, Instagram likers—you’re all exactly why we’re here.

Fueling Austinites up with meatless meals that mirror the multitude of lifestyles in our hometown is just our thing. And as much as we love that there’s always somewhere to be here, we still think that living your best life in an action/geek/zen/freak-packed city doesn’t have to mean your only food option is inhaling a bean and tempeh burrito between black metal yoga and Rococo wig making classes. Sometimes you want a little ambiance with your appetite. Go on. You can say the sidewalk isn’t always the best, dining atmosphere-wise. Won’t make you any less cool.

Look, frying in the sun at the vegan food trucks in Austin has as much tradition as floating rivers and falling asleep on Mopac, but it’s okay to want to eat a good meal in a sit-down joint that’s not just the side salad and your friends’ mockery. You already know that you don’t need to be missing out on anything—you don’t live in Austin (or commute to it, no judgment) to not get out and live unless there’s some sort of FOMO fetish we don’t know about (some judgment with that one).

Come take a load off, relax in an environment with décor and dining as fresh and lively as you are, then get serious about kicking back with our vegan dessert menu. Paleo food Austin eatery or not, homo sapiens developed a sweet tooth for a reason. We just didn’t feel the need to get the animal kingdom involved.

You already get the best out of your life. And there’s still enough room for the best vegan food Austin has to offer. We guarantee it.