Wickedly Delicious Wine & Halloween Candy Pairings

I don’t know about you, but I get so excited each and every year as the weather gets crisper, leaves begin to fall, and we start pulling out our autumn sweaters. To me, that means only one thing: Halloween is on the way!

Things start to get spooky as the days get shorter and night gets longer, and all I want to do is curl up with a chunky blanket and a big glass of wine. 

In the spirit of celebrating, I’ve come up with some wickedly deliciously and unexpected Halloween candy and wine pairings… bring on the trick-or-treating!

Chardonnay & Butterfingers

If you’re a fan of a big, bold, buttery chardonnay, this pairing is going to knock your socks off. The acidity in Chardonnay stands up well to the richness of this treat, and the creamy, caramelized notes in the wine are going to enhance the candy’s sweet caramel crunch. Add in the vanilla and honey aromas that are common in Chardonnay and O-M-G. Good luck putting this one down. 

Pinot Noir & Kit-Kats

Pinot Noir is one of the lightest styles of red wines. They tend to carry tense and nuanced red fruits with bright acidity. This makes the milk chocolate and wafer combo taste almost like a chocolate-dipped strawberry when paired together. In general, I prefer terroir-driven, old-world style Pinot Noirs, and they’re especially going to enhance this pairing. Look for Burgundy, Sonoma Coast, and Willamette Valley. 

Port & M&Ms

Port is an often-overlooked style of wine, but I think it deserves a comeback. Especially when you start talking about wine and candy pairings! Port is a fortified wine that’s typically sweet and served as a dessert (although it also comes in dry and semi-dry varieties). The dark, juicy black fruit that’s typical in it is a great counterpoint to balance the sweetness of milk chocolate. I’m also a huge fan of pairing port with overloaded oatmeal chocolate chip cookies any time of year. 

Sauvignon Blanc & Skittles

You’re going to want more than just a “fun-sized” pack of skittles for this one! Look for a warm-climate sauvignon blanc to play up the fruitiness of the candy. The flavors go hand-in-hand, and they both have a natural mouth-watering acidity. It’s hard to put this combo down. 

Merlot & Snickers

October is Merlot Month, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t include it in this listing! Plus it’s such a wonderfully accessible wine, both in price point and in food-friendliness. The salty peanuts and creamy caramel are going to enhance the spicy cherry notes in the wine, and the soft tannins will help balance out the candy’s richness. 

Gewurtraminer & Starburst

Gewurtraminer is one of my all-time-favorite wines that people have never heard of. The name might be scary, but this is an incredibly approachable and easy-drinking wine. It’s full of citrus fruits, floral notes, and could generally be described as “juicy”… just like Starbursts. The fruit flavors in the wine will go well across the board with the Starburst fruit flavors. 

Do you have a favorite Halloween candy and wine pairing? Tell us below!

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