Wine Collectors are Embracing Modern Design Trends

Long ago, homeowners who were also wine enthusiasts had to simply make do with their basic home environment when it came to storing their cherished collections. They didn’t have that perfect climate set at a consistent 55 degrees and 55 to 70 percent humidity to allow their wine to age well.

However, in the past few decades, in-home wine cellars have grown in popularity, and they’re not in the cellar. Now, enthusiasts can house and display all their vintages, regardless of whether they have a few dozen or a few thousand bottles.

For years, when it came to wine room design, replicating cave-like environments was normal. In the past five years, however, wine storage design has taken on a new demand for modern interior designs, creating unique spaces that can be found in just about any area of a home with glass enclosures.

The vast majority of customers wanted wood wine cellars for their homes. “While there’s still a large market for wood wine cellars, what’s growing is the modern look where you’re integrating acrylic and metal.

Today’s modern cellars will often incorporate acrylic racks to give bottles a floating look. Some will incorporate metal or steel racks as well. Today’s wine cellar customer also prefers to display wine in a “label out” fashion so that the bottle’s label can be clearly viewed without having to take it out of a rack.

The focus is not so much on wanting to fit as many bottles into a space as possible but more on creating a space that has a certain format to show many bottles.

Folks still request the Tuscan Old-World look.

The modern looks don’t mean Old World elements like wood and stone are completely out of the mix. There’s a shift toward the integration of different materials in response to emerging modern interior design styles.