Wine Guardian Pro – Specialty Commercial & Residential HVAC

The Wine Guardian Pro systems are the most versatile specialty cooling systems on the market and make installation, customization, and maintenance seamless. These systems are intended for low temperature air conditioning from 52-70°F (11-21°C). They are perfect for when temperature and humidity control is crucial, such as preserving wine, art, computer server rooms, and musical instruments.

Pro Ducted Systems

The Wine Guardian Pro Ducted Unit has been designed to make maintenance and installation simple. The systems feature sight glass that reveals the volume of refrigerant, making it easy for technicians to view the level of coolant. The Pro Ducted 25 and 50 units have high- and low-ambient protection built right into them.

Pro Split Systems

The Wine Guardian Pro Split System offer extreme low ambient temperature controls, making them ideal for preserving temperature-sensitive items. Installation is made easy with the unit’s lightweight aluminum construction. They are also Wi-Fi compatible, making integration with Smart Thermostats a breeze.

NEW: Two Fan-Coil, One Condensing Unit Split Systems

​​​Wine Guardian is now offering a new option for your customers to use two fan coils and one condenser to cool your wine room. For more information on this configuration, please contact us today.