Wine Guardian Wine Wall Cooling System

The Wine Wall Cooling System is a ductless split wine temperature control unit designed specifically for wine wall projects with glass enclosures. The grille is designed to integrate completely flush with the ceiling ensuring no bulky equipment is visible in the wine room. The Wine Wall Ceiling System’s evaporator features an all-aluminum chassis and grille assembly and contains coated coils to ensure product durability. The remote interface controller gives you full control over the temperature and humidity conditions within the space.

An extra controller and up to 3 remote air sensors can be remotely connected for precise measurements when the controller is installed outside the wine space. There are no tools required to remove the grille assembly, giving full access to the system’s internal components.

Wine Guardian’s innovative hinge design acts as a second hand while installing it, so one person installations are simple. This system can cool the wine wall room down to both long-term storage temperatures and serving temperatures. The maximum capacity for this system is 2,900 BTU/H. This is a superior wine preservation system for when ductwork isn’t an option.

The Ductless Split cooling system provides high quality cooling and airflow to keep your wine collection at the best storage conditions while also giving installers maximum flexibility when working with limited space. Your wine cellar contractor not only has to have the technical ability to install a variety of racking systems but should be proficient in the proper construction techniques of a wine cellar to ensure your cooling unit will function properly.

Understanding the need for a vapor barrier, proper insulation, correct door choice , glazing options and sealing of the complete enclosure are paramount to a well-built wine room. Let us help you determine the correct unit and size by doing a heat load calculation, while square footage is a basic guide for determining size, it does not capture all the heat load factors for a wine cellar.  Contact us or call (512 -312-7430 to discuss your next project!