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Traditional Wine Racks

Wood Wine Racking

Certified Wine Cellars builds wine cellars throughout Austin, San Antonio and Houston, TX.

If you want to get serious about your wine collection, you should investigate hiring a local company that specializes in building custom wine cellars. When you work with us, you do not have to worry about anything, you will get a beautiful new space that adds value to your home while giving you a sophisticated area that easily holds your wine at the right temperature and humidity.

If you prefer to use your own architect, builder, HVAC professional, or contractor, we can guide them along the way ensuring things are done correctly. This way, your new wine cellar fits into your new construction or renovations perfectly.

If you want to elevate your home, adding a custom wine cellar is the right choice.

While the value of your collection is obviously important, you should also realize that a new wine cellar can also increase the value of your home. Wine cellars are considered a premium feature!

We carry a selection of Alder, White Oak, Mahogany, Sapele, Walnut, Cherry and much more. Just let us know what type of wood you would like to use, and we will make it happen. After all everything is customized to your wine cellar!

How It All Begins

To begin the wine cellar design process, a certified professional contractor will meet with you during a site visit to determine size, function, and style of the wine cellar. The wine cellar design process will continue through phone and email communication.

What types of wine and what size bottles will be stored? Are you planning to have a glass enclosure? Is there a particular theme you would like to represent in your wine cellar design?

  • Lighting
  • Door
  • Flooring

Once the criteria, size, function, and style are determined, our wine cellar design team will create a CAD drawing denoting measurements and wine storage configurations. The final drawings are presented with a formal quote for review and approval. Certified Wine Cellars is committed to fulfilling our clients’ expectations and will continue working with the client until the wine cellar design meets their approval.

Your custom wine racks are prepared by professional and considerate craftsmen here in the U.S.A.
The wine cellar cabinetry is fabricated by experienced woodworkers who manicure every piece to exact fit and finish. It is all created to your specifications. Certified Wine Cellars will arrange delivery of the wine racks to your location where they will be assembled to the same level of precision as it was milled. We also ship to builders, designers and homeowners who have their own contractors.

A Certified Wine Cellar expert will walk you through the fine details. They will explain and demonstrate the functionality of the specific elements such as the climate control system and lighting. We make sure you not only love the look and feel of your new wine cellar, but you also will know exactly how to keep it operating effectively and efficiently. Remember, whatever your wine cellar dreams are, we are here to help you make it come to life.

The sky is the limit with Certified Wine Cellars!


  • Traditional Zinc Countertops
  • Steel Countertops
  • Mixing Metal with Wood
  • Lighting in the Wine Racking
  • Steel and Glass Doors with a Patina Finish adds to a Traditional Wine Cellar look.
  • Cork Flooring
  • Wine Barrel Flooring
  • Limestone Walls
  • Barrel Ceiling
  • Old World Distressed Doors
  • Speakeasy Door

It all begins with a call to Certified Wine Cellars at (512) 312-7430

When integrity matters, always choose Certified Wine Cellars!