The Right Temperature For Storing Your Wine

Heat rises. That’s why it’s warmer upstairs than downstairs in many homes. The same thing can happen in your wine cellar, with the top of the wine cellar several degrees warmer than the floor. With Wine Guardian, several temperature/humidity sensors can be connected to one system, averaging their readings for more accurate wine cellar temperature control.

You Choose the Location

Optional remote sensors can be placed anywhere within the wine cellar for optimal temperature control and humidity readout, as shown in the wine cellar image. Up to three remote sensors can be connected to one Wine Guardian system. The sensors can continuously display these variables in another location outside the wine cellar, and alarms will notify you if your cellar is out of optimal range.

Accurate Temperature and Humidity Adjustments

Wine Guardian sensors measure wine cellar temperature and humidity, allowing the equipment to adjust temperature and humidity accurately and simultaneously. They measure the conditions in the air, not in the bottle, allowing the system to spring into action before there is any change in the temperature of the wine itself.